Groomer for dogs and puppies in Luxembourg

bespoke service for your dogs and puppies

3 New services!!

1) Dogwalker (Pick-up service)

2) Food /Access. etc. - Free delivery, on orders over 90 € (area < 20 km)

3) Pick-up and bring back your dog after being groomed


Free parking in front of the store

Dog's care 

Clipping, Scissors cut, Hand stripping, Bathing, Dematting,
Brushing, Nails trim, ear plucking and cleaning,
express anal glands, Wellness.

Puppies up to the age of 5 months, are groomed for free
the first time, in order to get them used to the grooming 
procedure as soon as possible.

We sell also:
Food for dogs, Shampoos, Dog's clothes, Bags,
Collars and Harnesses, Leashes, etc.


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