MY dog should go to the hairdresser?!
Some dog owners think that a visit to the dog hairdresser only makes sense for poodles, Bichon and Co. This is not the case, as the following explanations make clear:
Whether the dog is shorn, trimmed or scissored depends on the type of coat, the breed and the individual wishes of the owner.
Typical cutting dogs are for example poodles, Shi-Tzu, Maltese, Havanese, Bichon-Frisé or Yorkshire Terriers, just to name a few. Schnauzer, Westie, Airedale Terrier, Rauhaardackel, the Spaniel breeds and many others are typical trim dogs.

Basically you can shear all dog breeds. But with trim dogs we advise against it at all costs! The typical hair-dress gets lost, the fur becomes dull, shaggy and lackluster. In addition, the colour of the coat changes.

The fur-qualities and the fur-change are different with the trim-dog than with the cut-dog. With most cutting dogs, the fur-change takes place twice annually. With the trom dogs, however, the covering hair pushes the whole year over. While the older hairs of the top coat die off, new top coat hairs push on. If the old covering hair is not removed, but only sheared off, the new hair cannot grow back properly. Trimming supports the process of hair change, lets the skin breathe, stimulates the growth of new hair and thus improves its quality.
When trimming, only the dead hair is plucked out. This procedure is, with professional execution, in no way painful for the dog!

Even breeds whose fur does not have to be cut or trimmed, such as all shepherd dogs, Golden Retrievers, Border Collie, Bernese Mountain Dogs, etc., will certainly feel more comfortable if they are freed from their thick undercoat in spring. The duration of the hair change will be shortened, the summer will be more bearable and you will surely find less dog hair in your apartment.
Overgrown eyes and ears, felting between the toes are a torture for every dog. Feces and urine in a dense, long and matted coat are not only unattractive but also very unhygienic; not only for the dog!
We bathe your darlings with individually tailored shampoos, clean their ears, check their anal glands and shorten their claws too long.

A wellness treatment with various essential essences using our massage shampoo pump improves skin problems and heavy hair, among other things.

We only work with professional material, have the necessary know-how, a lot of patience and love for animals so that your darling becomes even prettier and feels comfortable in his skin.

There is a suitable treatment for every dog. He’ll thank them with a shiny coat.
Puppies up to 5 months, we offer a free trial visit with us. The ears are cleaned, the fur is combed. The dog gets to know us and stands only briefly on the hairdresser’s table. He won’t be so anxious and stressed at the next appointment.
In addition to a wide range of accessories and care products, you will also find very high-quality food without any unnatural additives. We provide for a beautiful fur from inside and outside!
You love your four-legged friend above all else and want him to stay in the best of health for a long time. This also includes professional coat care! Because and a groomed dog is a healthy dog!
We are happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to meeting you and your four-legged friend.